Forerunner Magazine (2004)


John the Baptist and Elijah
John the Baptist and Elijah (January 2004)
Theologians and artists have depicted John the Baptist in various ways through the centuries, but what does the Bible say about him -- specifically what does Jesus say about him? And what is the connection between John and Elijah the prophet?

Prophecy and the Axial Period
Prophecy and the Axial Period (February 2004)
Babylon's Ishtar Gate symbolizes the power and wealth of the Chaldean Empire that rose to dominance during the Axial Period. This time saw a sea-change in world affairs -- from new empires to new ways of thinking. Is another Axial Period on the near horizon?

Israel: As the Sand of the Seashore
Israel: As the Sand of the Seashore (March-April 2004)
God promises Abraham in Genesis 22:17, "I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore. . . ." This promise was certainly not fulfilled to any great extent in ancient Israel. So where are the multitudes of Israel today?

The Four Horsemen
The Four Horsemen (May 2004)
Revelation 6 contains the intriguing prophecy of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. What fearsome disasters do they represent? Are they already riding?

Swear Not!
Swear Not! (June 2004)
People swear or take oaths for many reasons, feeling a need to involve a higher power to guarantee their words. Jesus, however, says, "Do not swear at all"! Our word should be so honest it needs nothing to back it up.

What Is Christian Balance?
What Is Christian Balance? (July 2004)
For years, we have been taught to strive for balance in our lives. Frankly, however, most of us struggle to define what balance really is. What seems "balanced" to one may be "extreme" to another! What is the blueprint for a balanced way of life?

Music and Worship
Music and Worship (August 2004)
Music has been called humanity's "universal language." Some churches however, believe God should not be publicly worshipped through it -- despite Scripture containing many examples of praise through music. The Bible shows that music is a gift and blessing from God.

Faith—What Is It?
Faith—What Is It? (September-October 2004)
To many, faith is a difficult concept, made more so by centuries of misunderstanding and error. The Bible, however, explains faith in a simple and straightforward way, cutting through the theological obscurity and mysticism that many ascribe to it.

Should Christians Drink Alcohol?
Should Christians Drink Alcohol? (November 2004)
Many Christian churches teach that the Bible condemns the use of alcohol, but is that so? Certainly, drinking alcoholic beverages to excess is sinful, but what about the occasional beer or glass of wine? What about the wine we are to drink at Passover? Can Christians drink in moderation?

Heavenly Signs
Heavenly Signs (December 2004)
"Stars" fall during a meteor shower over Jordan this past summer. Heavenly signs of far greater magnitude are predicted by the sixth seal of Revelation 6:12-17, announcing the beginning of the Day of the Lord.