Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

The Economics of an Offering (March-April 2006)

March-April 2006
Volume 15, Number 3

Each spring, a new year of holy days begins, and with them a new round of holy day offerings. However, rather than simply giving what is available at the time, it would be far more profitable—especially spiritually—to plan our giving to God. We need to factor God into the economic side of our lives too! (PictureQuest)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
Is the Christian Required to Do Works? (Part One)

Why do so many nominal Christians reject works and obedience to God's law? John Ritenbaugh posits that they do this because they fail to gather God's whole counsel on this subject. In doing so, they miss vital principles that help to bring us into the image of God.

Ready Answer
What Is the Passover Anyway?

by Staff

To someone not familiar with the Bible's instructions regarding the keeping of Passover, this festival can seem strange and confusing. This article explains the basic points of the Passover, showing from Scripture what God commands and why.

Prophecy Watch
Why Israel? (Part Two)

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Though God provided the descendants of Abraham with every physical advantage, Israel still failed to keep the terms of the covenant they made with Him. However, as Richard Ritenbaugh brings out, God withheld one necessary, spiritual ingredient—the key dimension that makes the New Covenant work.

The Economics of an Offering
by Staff

Members of God's church are required to give offerings during God's holy days (Deuteronomy 16:16), and we are told to give as we are able (verse 17). Both we and God will get more out of our offerings, especially spiritually, when we plan our giving.

A Snapshot of European Sentiment

by David C. Grabbe

Lines of conflict are forming across Europe between the native, Western populations and the immigrant, Islamic minorities. David Grabbe illustrates the cultural and political turbulence on the Continent with three news items from the past several weeks.

Bible Study
The Parables of Matthew 13 (Part Six):
The Parable of the Hidden Treasure

by Martin G. Collins

While the Parable of the Hidden Treasure is similar to the Parable of the Pearl of Great Price, their meanings are different. Martin Collins dissects the symbols to reveal the high value God places on His people.