Forerunner Magazine (2006)


Post-Sharon Israel: Where Now?
Post-Sharon Israel: Where Now? (January 2006)
Ariel Sharon (right) attends a 2005 Knesset session in Jerusalem, flanked by Binyamin Netanyahu and Ehud Olmert to his right and Shimon Peres to his left. With Sharon now incapacitated, the other three polititians, led by Olmert as acting Prime Minister, will chart Israel's course over the perhaps turbulent coming months.

The Cartoon Riots: 'Death to the West!'
The Cartoon Riots: 'Death to the West!' (February 2006)
Protestors burn the Danish flag during a riot in front of the Danish embassy in Tehran, Iran. These widespread demonstrations have been orchestrated to inflame hostilities against Western nations. How will Europe's leaders react?

The Economics of an Offering
The Economics of an Offering (March-April 2006)
Each spring, a new year of holy days begins, and with them a new round of holy day offerings. However, rather than simply giving what is available at the time, it would be far more profitable—especially spiritually—to plan our giving to God. We need to factor God into the economic side of our lives too!

Precious Human Treasures
Precious Human Treasures (May 2006)
All too often in this world, the elderly are ignored, neglected, and shunted aside by younger people. God's Word teaches us a better way, not just encouraging respect for the gray head, but also suggesting that the elderly among us still have a great deal to contribute. If nothing else, their experience contains a wealth of advice and wisdom.

Feeling Lucky?
Feeling Lucky? (June 2006)
Is there such a thing as luck, or do we live in a world in which blind chance or fate governs every act? Does God's Word have anything to say on the subject? Would a sovereign God leave the oversight of His creation--especially His begotten children--to coincidence?

Stem-Cell Research: Pro or Con?
Stem-Cell Research: Pro or Con? (July 2006)
Human technology has advanced to the point that scientists claim they can cure disease using embryonic stem cells to manufacture healthy tissues. Is this true? What is this new research all about? And what are the costs? Is this an area of knowledge God wants mankind to meddle in?

Will the Ceasefire Hold?
Will the Ceasefire Hold? (August 2006)
Israeli Defense Force soldiers proudly fly an Israeli flag as they leave Lebanese territory. After 34 days of fighting, both sides in the conflict had good reasons for agreeing to the ceasefire, but does either side have a good reason to resume the war? And, perhaps more to the point, what part does Iran play in this latest Middle East clash?

The Christian & Good Works
The Christian & Good Works (September-October 2006)
Undoubtedly, many Christians have practiced good works such as helping to move a widow, taking food to a shut-in, giving clothes to the needy, or many other such good deeds. But does God require them of us? Do they play a part in our salvation? If so, where do they fit? What is their spiritual purpose?

Who Were the Philistines?
Who Were the Philistines? (November 2006)
Philistine warriors captured by the forces of Rameses III march along the walls of the temple at Medinet Habu. Until recently, little was known about these Sea Peoples beyond what is written in the Bible and on a few ancient monuments and tablets. As archeologists find more artifacts, our knowledge of Philistine culture expands, adding detail to the biblical record.

Consider the End!
Consider the End! (December 2006)
Though many of us avoid contemplating it, we must all face the last enemy, death. Moreover, we do not know when our lives will end: We may be in excellent health yet be caught in a fatal accident. It is good to be prepared for such an eventuality. Scripture suggests that putting our affairs in order before we die is a responsible and proper activity--in fact, it is an act of love toward those who survive us.