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Faithless (May-June 2009)

May-June 2009
Volume 18, Number 3

Sexual unfaithfulness between marriage partners is only the tip of the iceberg covered by the seventh commandment, which in principle proscribes any kind of sexual perversion. In our society, sexual sins have become so pervasive that even the institution of marriage is under serious assault. With the world full of sexual diseases, broken homes, and cultural chaos, we are living under the curse that falls as a result of breaking this commandment. (iStockphoto)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Seventh Commandment

Of all of the Ten Commandments, the seventh, "You shall not commit adultery," most clearly covers the subject of faithfulness. The prophet Amos exposes Israel as a people who have a particular problem with this sin and with faithfulness in general. John Ritenbaugh reveals how unfaithfulness in marriage and other areas of life devastates family and society.

Ready Answer
Taking Care With the Tares

by Ted E. Bowling

Jesus' Parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13 warns us that there will be false brethren within the church. Using the example of Christ Himself, Ted Bowling shows that the Bible also tells us how to interact with them in a godly manner.

Prophecy Watch
To Watch and Keep

by Charles Whitaker

The Bible is well known as a Book of prophecy, but what is the true purpose of prophecy? Is it merely to enlighten us about the future, so that the "wise" will have an advantage over everyone else when the time comes? Charles Whitaker suggests that God's spiritual purposes for prophecy concern the subjects of warning and keeping.

Obama and the Muslim World

by David C. Grabbe

Though only a few months into his Presidency, Barack Obama has already made reaching out to the Muslim world a major part of his agenda. In doing so, however, he seems to be willing to sacrifice America's only true ally in the Middle East: Israel. David Grabbe lays out the argument that Obama is playing with geopolitical fire.

Bible Study
The Miracles of Jesus Christ:
Raising a Widow's Son

by Martin G. Collins

The gospels present Jesus working the wonderful miracle of resurrection only three times in His ministry, one of which is the raising of the widow's son. Martin Collins dissects the episode, elucidating the depth of our Savior's compassion for others.