Forerunner Magazine (2009)


Why the Family?
Why the Family? (January-February 2009)
The family has been an enduring institution throughout history. In fact, God ordained the family at creation with the marriage of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and it has been a hallmark of the rise of great civilizations ever since. Conversely, when families crumble, so does society. Is that why God created families? Or is there more to it? What is God's purpose for the family? The answers are found in studying the principles of the fifth commandment.

The Spirit of Murder
The Spirit of Murder (March-April 2009)
Violence has become a hallmark of modern society, from the grievous horror of abortion to the astonishingly high frequency of murder and suicide. Beyond these, humanity must also face the spectres of terrorism and war. God's law covers all of these sins and more in the sixth commandment. Until mankind conforms to this principle of God's character, there will never be peace.

Faithless (May-June 2009)
Sexual unfaithfulness between marriage partners is only the tip of the iceberg covered by the seventh commandment, which in principle proscribes any kind of sexual perversion. In our society, sexual sins have become so pervasive that even the institution of marriage is under serious assault. With the world full of sexual diseases, broken homes, and cultural chaos, we are living under the curse that falls as a result of breaking this commandment.

Steal No Longer
Steal No Longer (July-August 2009)
Human beings seem to be inclined to acquire things -- and too many of them have little compunction about taking them from others. Stealing of all sorts is so widespread that, in America, a stealing crime occurs every three seconds! All of the thievery destroys morality and erodes trust, but there is a workable, biblical solution.

The Modern Face of Slavery
The Modern Face of Slavery (September-October 2009)
To most people, slavery is a practice that died with Abraham Lincoln's "Emancipation Proclamation" in the 1860s, but sadly, that is just not true. Although widespread "legal" slavery has long been outlawed in Western nations, the practice of forced human servitude has only morphed into other forms, among which are abusive child labor and prostitution. The buying and selling of people is alive and well, even in the most civilized nations, a modern sign of the continuing influence of Babylon the Great.

Islands and the Churches of God
Islands and the Churches of God (November-December 2009)
Small islands dot the coastline of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Islands, pieces of land completely surrounded by water, can represent church groups surrounded by the raging sea of the world. In this sense, the church becomes a refuge from the chaos produced by sinful mankind. What a tragedy it is, then, when once-peaceful congregations are torn by rumor, gossip, jealousy, and offense! However, we can be thankful that God provides instruction on how to deal with such problems.