Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

The Value of Land (May-June 2013)

May-June 2013
Volume 22, Number 3

The area around Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Grand Tetons in the distance, is a spectacularly beautiful part of God's creation. American pioneers viewed this verdant land as a means to build a new life. The Bible shows that God places great importance on land, wanting His people to have a sense of ownership of it. (Getty Images)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
Ecclesiastes and Christian Living (Part Two):

In his masterwork, the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon frequently touches on the subject of work due to its central place in both human and divine life. John Ritenbaugh explains that God works all the time—in fact, it is the first thing we see God doing in His Book—and we must follow His example to become skilled in living as He does.

Ready Answer
Misconceptions and Malarkey About the Holy Spirit (Part Two)

by David F. Maas

Among all the Christian doctrines, the nature of the Holy Spirit is among the most difficult to understand—and thus the one that is most easily manipulated and misconstrued. David Maas continues his exposure of historical and contemporary attempts to explain the Holy Spirit as something other than what the Bible reveals.

Prophecy Watch
This Land Is Our Land

by Mike Ford

The American West was explored and settled by tough men and women who knew the value of land and what could be produced from it. Mike Ford decries the recent trend in which more and more land is owned, not by individuals, but by the government—a situation that contradicts the biblical principles concerning land ownership and the stability and wealth it brings.

The Erosion of Religious Freedoms

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Over the past five decades, Christians have regarded the religious landscape of America with dismay, seeing their freedom to worship as their consciences dictate steadily decline. Richard Ritenbaugh cites numerous recent examples of First Amendment infringements, many of which are driven by the culture's drive for sexual freedom.

Bible Study
The Miracles of Jesus Christ:
Healing a Man Born Blind (Part Three)

by Martin G. Collins

In the healing of the blind man in John 9, knowledge is a significant theme. What those in the scene know and do not know reveals a great deal about them. Martin Collins concludes his study of this important chapter in John's account of the ministry of Jesus Christ, showing that the truly vital knowledge is what God Himself reveals.