Forerunner Magazine (2013)


Hold Fast!
Hold Fast! (January-February 2013)
Christians are commanded to read the signs of the times, and the signs point to the return of Christ in the near future. But that also means an uptick in the troubles that we have to face, implying a need for us to hold fast to the truths that God has revealed to us. Will we prove steadfast in the face of chaos and tribulation?

Vanity of Vanities
Vanity of Vanities (March-April 2013)
The book of Ecclesiastes famously begins, "Vanity of vanities, all is vanity." Solomon, traditionally acknowledged as the author, suggests that life is brief and ephemeral, like smoke or vapor, here and gone in an instant. Surprisingly, Ecclesiastes indicates that vanity has a place in God's purpose, revealing the emptiness of life without Him.

The Value of Land
The Value of Land (May-June 2013)
The area around Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Grand Tetons in the distance, is a spectacularly beautiful part of God's creation. American pioneers viewed this verdant land as a means to build a new life. The Bible shows that God places great importance on land, wanting His people to have a sense of ownership of it.

Sovereign Over Time
Sovereign Over Time (July-August 2013)
Time may be the most significant element of human life. It is certainly an ever-present reality, one that we all have to deal with constantly. We try to manage time, even control time, but it frequently gets away from us. For a Christian, the swift passage of time need not be such a burden because God is sovereign over time all the time. This is a major theme of the book of Ecclesiastes.

What Happened at En Dor?
What Happened at En Dor? (September-December 2013)
I Samuel 28 records the story of King Saul's consultation of a medium, often called the Witch of En Dor, to speak with the prophet Samuel, who had been dead for five years. Some people believe this is biblical proof of life after death, but is it? Is the spirit that the medium sees really Samuel? A careful reading of the text reveals that it agrees with the rest of Scripture.