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Our Light Affliction (July-August 2015)

July-August 2015
Volume 24, Number 4

The apostle Paul assures us that the trials we are going through now are "light affliction" (II Corinthians 4:17). Yet, when we consider the lives of Jesus and the apostles, we find that they suffered tremendously! How do we reconcile these very different perspectives?  (Corbis Super RF / Alamy Stock Photo)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
Ecclesiastes and Christian Living (Part Fourteen):
A Summary

Calling Ecclesiastes 7 "the most significant Old Testament chapter I have studied," John Ritenbaugh summarizes the many lessons Solomon teaches in its twenty-nine verses. Along with its central paradox, the chapter emphasizes the importance of an individual's lifelong search for wisdom, closing with an admonition that mankind has brought his problems on himself.

Ready Answer
Light Affliction?

by Pat Higgins

Affliction seems to be an integral part of Christianity. Our Savior Jesus Christ and His apostles suffered a great deal during their ministries, and though modern Christians' burdens cannot compare to theirs, they are still significant enough to cause great pain. Pat Higgins demonstrates the relative nature of Christian affliction, urging believers to take the Bible's long view of their suffering.

Prophecy Watch
How Much Longer Do We Have?

by David C. Grabbe

How often have we heard—or cried ourselves—"How long, O Lord?" Our great hope is in Christ's return, but despite His assurances that He is coming quickly, it seems as if that time is delayed. David Grabbe, keying in on II Peter 3, cautions us not to be distracted by scoffers or cunning arguments, but trust that Christ will return at exactly the best time.

Euthanizing a Civilization

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

All across the world, but particularly in the liberal democracies of America and Europe, laws allowing euthanasia and assisted suicide are on the increase. Richard Ritenbaugh details, not only their expansion, but also how they push a progressive agenda that results in a culture of death.

Bible Study
Admission of Sin

by Martin G. Collins

For the last generation or two, modern society has been pulling away from acknowledging the reality of sin. Yet, when people believe that God's law is no longer valid, they deceive themselves. Martin Collins surveys scriptures that urge Christians to admit or confess their sins, showing how it benefits our understanding and growth.