Forerunner Magazine (2015)


Lowly, and Sitting on a Donkey
Lowly, and Sitting on a Donkey (January-February 2015)
Jesus Christ's triumphal entry into Jerusalem just days before His death is a highlight of His ministry. He rode into the city that day on a donkey rather than on a horse, as we would tend to expect of a king. Biblically, in contrast to the horse, the donkey has a significant symbolic history that adds a great deal to our understanding of Christ Himself and of Christian character.

The Sin of Hypocrisy
The Sin of Hypocrisy (March-April 2015)
No one wants to be called "two-faced," but we cannot deny that we have all played the hypocrite from time to time. Whether we have professed one thing and done another or pretended to be something we are not, hypocrisy is a serious spiritual sin that springs from pride and fear, and corrupts good character. Well does Scripture exhort us to beware hypocrisy.

The Value of Wisdom
The Value of Wisdom (May-June 2015)
Several passages of scripture compare wisdom to precious metals and gemstones, illustrating its high value to our lives. In Ecclesiastes and Proverbs, Solomon focuses on the pursuit and use of wisdom as a practical and beneficial facet of a godly person's life. Through wisdom, a Christian has the means to make correct decisions.

Our Light Affliction
Our Light Affliction (July-August 2015)
The apostle Paul assures us that the trials we are going through now are "light affliction" (II Corinthians 4:17). Yet, when we consider the lives of Jesus and the apostles, we find that they suffered tremendously! How do we reconcile these very different perspectives?

Water and Fire
Water and Fire (September-October 2015)
The Day of the Lord will be a time of great tumult and chaos, when God will destroy the works of mankind and purify the earth for the reign of Christ. In Scripture, water and fire are primary elements that God uses to purify things for His use, so it should come as no surprise that prophecy reveals a prominent role for them in God's judgments before Christ returns.

What Is the Second Death?
What Is the Second Death? (November-December 2015)
Though the book of Revelation has declared the existence of the second death for more than nineteen centuries, most nominal Christians have little idea what it means. The apostle John states plainly, however, that it is the Lake of Fire where the incorrigibly wicked will be cast and annihilated. In this prophetic concept lies wonderful truth on God’s perfect judgment.