Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

War! (August 1997)

August 1997
Volume 6, Number 8

Each year thousands are killed in war with all participants believing themselves to be justified in defending their own interests. Nevertheless, war is sin! War between men and nations comes down to the individual's relationship and responsibility to God and country. Loyalties and submission should be to the supreme God first and foremost.  (Corel Photo)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
The Sixth Commandment (Part 2):
War! (1997)

A reason lies behind the devastating wars that have plagued mankind since the beginning. John Ritenbaugh gives the uncomplicated solution: Men have broken the sixth commandment!

Ready Answer
Jesus Disqualified?

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Some say Christ cannot be the Messiah because of His genealogy. Is this true? Richard Ritenbaugh shows why this argument is fallacious and why Jesus IS our Savior!

Prophecy Watch
The Writing of Prostitutes

by Martin G. Collins

What is pornography? Is nudity wrong? Discover the attitudes behind pornography and why Christians must strive for purity. This article also includes the insets, 'Government Research and Conclusions on Pornography' and 'Modesty in Clothing.'

The Weightier Matters (Part 3):

by Staff

Men have a love-hate relationship with mercy: They love to receive it, but hate to give it! Mercy, though, is one of the most important virtues, according to our Savior Jesus Christ. This article provides reasons why we should lean toward mercy in all our judgments.


by Staff

News, trends and events as they relate to prophecy and the end time for August 1997.

Bible Study
The Seventh Commandment

by Martin G. Collins

The seventh commandment protects family relationships from a sexual standpoint. This study delves into why sexual sins are so destructive and why God wants His children to be chaste and pure.