Forerunner Magazine (1997)


The Ten Commandments (January 1997)
When God gave Moses the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, every one of them was already in existence and had been from the beginning. The Ten Commandments reveal God's character. God lovingly gave them to Adam and Eve, our ancestors, as a way of life that would bring humanity happiness and eventually eternal life.

The Second Commandment (February 1997)
Most—if not all—cultures have used idols to portray their gods, just as the Toltecs of Central America did on this sacrificial altar. Worshippers of the true God, however, are strictly forbidden to make any images of Him or another God. These representations, though sincerely made, would eventually be worshipped themselves and lead to other sins—even as far as the Toltec practice of human sacrifice.

The Key to Racial Unity (March 1997)
The people of the world come in many shades of color. Though this is nothing more than differences in pigmentation, skin color has divided humanity since the earliest days of man. Does this problem have a solution? It does in God's church! God counsels us to remember that in the body of Christ, "there is neither Jew nor Greek" (Galatians 3:28). We are all brethren, children of Almighty God!

The Future of Israel (April 1997)
What lies ahead for the modern nations of Israel? Unfortunately, these nations must first endure the terrible horros of "the time of Jacob's Trouble" before they experience the peace, security and prosperity that God promises them in the Millennium. Can they avoid the purging fires of the Great Tribulation? Yes, if they repent and turn back to the God of their fathers! Will they? Sadly, probably not!

The Sabbath (May 1997)
On Fridays evenings, the setting sun heralds the beginning of another Sabbath day of rest, refreshment and reorientation toward God. In His ministry Jesus Christ greatly magnified the meaning and use of the Sabbath by giving us His own example of correct Sabbath keeping. If we use it properly, it is a day of spiritual creation and liberty.

The Weightier Matters (June 1997)
God is the ultimate Judge of everything, weighing in the balance the hearts of men. That judgment is based on every Word of God as presented in the Bible. How are we involved?

Lessons from a Basket of Summer Fruit (July 1997)
A basket of summer produce brings to mind verdant fields and fruitful orchards. We have the blessing of living in a nation endowed by God with such properity. How do we react to these blessings? Do we forget God and indulge ourselves in it, or do we take the opportunity to draw closer to him?

War! (August 1997)
Each year thousands are killed in war with all participants believing themselves to be justified in defending their own interests. Nevertheless, war is sin! War between men and nations comes down to the individual's relationship and responsibility to God and country. Loyalties and submission should be to the supreme God first and foremost.

Society's Increasing Faithlessness (September-October 1997)
The root cause of the high divorce rate in this nation is faithlessness: not remaining loyal to those who deserve it. It has produced many evils, such as sexually transmitted diseases, latchkey kids, single parents and increasing crime. It is also the source of spiritual adultery--idolatry--not being faithful to God. Such is the spirit of the seventh commandment.

Building Character (November 1997)
Every Christian is a puzzle in process, and God is the Master Puzzle Builder. Through the experiences of our lives, He is molding and shaping our character to resemble Christ's perfect character. Our part in this process is overcoming and growing in response to His work in us.

A World of Iniquity (December 1997)
The apostle James calls the tongue "a fire, a world of iniquity" (James 3:6). He goes on to say that "no man can tame the tongue. It is full of deadly poison" (verse 8). But God has called us to the life long task of learning to "bite our tongues" and control this little, but powerful, part of our body.