Forerunner Magazine (2001)


Spiritual Double Agents
Spiritual Double Agents (January 2001)
Christianity is a religion that requires whole-hearted commitment. Unfortunately, not all who claim to be Christians give their all. They remain in the church as spiritual double agents--working for both sides in the warfare between God and this present, evil world. Have we fully commited ourselves?

Fully Man, Fully God?
Fully Man, Fully God? (February 2001)
Jesus' "family tree" clearly shows His lineage to be both human and divine. How can theologians--and some in the church of God--say that He is "fully man and fully God"? Such thinking defies logic! It is time we understood the nature of our Savior!

Death of a Lamb
Death of a Lamb (March-April 2001)
Few things are cuter or more innocent than a lamb. It is this image that God chose to represent His Son in His sacrifice for our redemption. There are profound lessons to be learned from this ovine type.

Japan: Sunrise or Sunset?
Japan: Sunrise or Sunset? (May 2001)
Japan is called "the Land of the Rising Sun," but economically and politically its sun seems to be setting. What will happen to Japan in the near future? Will its sun rise again?

God's Vineyard
God's Vineyard (June 2001)
The Bible's use of agricultural images to convey spiritual truth is well known. The church itself is frequently a "vine" or "pleasant plant" in God’s garden. How well are we growing?

Globalism: Modern Babel?
Globalism: Modern Babel? (July 2001)
"Going global" is a popular business catchphrase these days; it seems every corporation wants to have a worldwide scope. Though the media tries to convince us globalization is a positive, progressive trend, is it? Or could it be setting up the proper conditions for the climax of this age?

Building Spiritual Muscle
Building Spiritual Muscle (August 2001)
Humans build muscle by exercising against resistance, for instance, by lifting weights. Spiritually, Christians build spiritual muscle--character--by facing and overcoming temptations and resisting the pulls of our appetites. Fasting is a tool we can use for this purpose.

Where Has Our Wall Gone?
Where Has Our Wall Gone? (September-October 2001)
Up to relatively modern times, most cities were surrounded by thick, high walls to defend the inhabitants during war. If the wall was in poor repair, an attacker could easily breach it and invade the city. Likewise, we have defenses to protect our physical and spiritual health?defenses we are obligated to maintain. How strong are they in us?

Is God to Blame?
Is God to Blame? (November 2001)
The tragic attacks on the World Trade Center and on the Pentagon on September 11 inflamed a controversy regarding who is to blame: Islamic parties? American imperialism? Jewish conspirators? Satan? God? What part did God play in these catastrophes? Were they punishments or warnings?or did they catch even Him by surprise?

Does Keeping Christmas Matter?
Does Keeping Christmas Matter? (December 2001)
Christmas is considered a ?Christian? holiday, even though its biblical connections are tenuous. Its customs have more in common with ancient European pagnism than Christianity. Does its supposed honoring of Christ make it a legitimate holiday for Christians to celebrate?