Forerunner Magazine (2011)


David the Prophet
David the Prophet (January-February 2011)
King David of Israel lived a life that is the stuff of legends. Among other things, he fought wars, ruled kingdoms, slew giants, spent years as a fugitive, sinned deeply, and composed dozens of songs in praise of God. One aspect of his life that we often disregard is that he was a great prophet, as can be seen in many of his psalms. In fact, some of the best known Old Testament prophecies come from his pen.

God Answers Job
God Answers Job (March-April 2011)
In Job 38:1, God answers Job out of a whirlwind, a stunning display of God's power and control over nature. Job had considered God to be much like a man, not realizing how much greater, wiser, and more powerful He is. Finally seeing this to be reality, Job repented of his self-righteousness. How do we see ourselves in comparison to God?

How Unique Are You?
How Unique Are You? (May-June 2011)
A pygmy woman rests after collecting sticks on a tea plantation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The pygmies are a unique people of this world due to their short stature. Others make themselves unique by being the first to do something unusual like climbing Mount Everest or being the first in space or first to the moon. True Christians are unique, too, due to God's calling and gift of the Holy Spirit. What should be our response?

"If the foundations are destroyed..." (July-August 2011)
We live in a world of rapidly declining morals and civility. God and Christianity, the foundations of Western civilization for many centuries, have been increasingly banned from public life, and as a result, society has quickly accepted blatant sins that just a generation or two ago would have caused deep shame. Who is in control of the goings-on here on earth? How does a Christian live by faith in a culture of such audacious misconduct?

Baby Seven Billion?
Baby Seven Billion? (September-October 2011)
According to demographers, the seven billionth human being was born somewhere on earth in the previous few months. Alarmed by what they consider to be frightening overpopulation, many progressive agencies like the United Nations are calling for stepped-up population-reduction plans. But is that really true? And, of course, they have once again left God out of their calculations.

Beating to Windward
Beating to Windward (November-December 2011)
Christians are often depicted in Scripture as on a journey through the wilderness of this world to the Kingdom of God. In Ephesians 4:14, the apostle Paul places this journey on the turbulent waters of a sea, where the winds can rise to blow us off course. However, contrary winds can be weathered by tacking against them, allowing us to make forward progress toward our destination despite the opposition.