Sermon: God's Warning


Given 23-Feb-13; 34 minutes

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To watch world events but to ignore our spiritual progress and overcoming is a foolish and futile exercise. We need to watch how we conduct ourselves. The oil that the wise and foolish virgins were cautioned to acquire and guard can be subdivided into several aspects. For example, we need to attend to how we dress when we come before God, realizing that we are appearing before the throne of God. We need to regularly pray and study on a daily basis, keeping our minds chaste and pure, realizing that we have a special calling as children of light. We are cautioned not to make comparisons between speakers or presenters, realizing that every message has something positive for us to ingest. We need to realize that our calling is special, and that we should wisely invest the spiritual gifts, talents, and abilities God has entrusted to us. If we do not, they will be taken away and given to someone who will produce. We are cautioned that the last part of our spiritual journey will be far more demanding and treacherous than what has gone before. Using the lessons in Matthew 25, we need to improve the quality of our spiritual journey.



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