Sermon: Passionate Patience


Given 01-Jun-13; 32 minutes

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Mark Schindler, reflecting on a recurring song which lodged in his memory, "Have Patience," launches into a topic which has been of perennial concern in articles, sermons, sermonettes, and Bible studies over the years in the Church of the Great God. The need for passionate patience constitutes a major binding thread in Christ's messages to the Seven Churches of Revelation. God's elect, waiting for Christ's return, while having carnal fleshly minds (Romans 8:7; Jeremiah 17:9) must struggle intensively to connect with God's will and purpose, developing passionate patience. Our duty is to have the passionate patience to abide with Him. This quality, provided by God's Holy Spirit, the very mind of Jesus Christ, is the antidote to apathy and insensitivity, products of the world's classical philosophies. Nothing can separate us from the love of God if we exercise the passionate patience of Jesus Christ



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