Sermon: A Trustworthy Relationship


Given 07-Mar-15; 38 minutes

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Mark Schindler, asking us to ponder the incredible privilege we have been given to be placed within the Body of Christ, called when we were dead in trespasses, reminds us that this same privilege applies to our fellow saints as well. He warns us not to selfishly protect our turf, building walls of separation from our brethren. Each of us has been called by God, imbued with a measure of His power, perfectly fitted and placed into the body to edify one another. Consequently, it behooves us to develop a sense of trust (a metaphorical two-way street with our Heavenly Father directing the traffic) with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Sometimes we will be in need, other times we will be called upon to supply the need; both positions have a high degree of vulnerability, requiring iron-clad trust.



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