Sermon: Trials: Much Needed Experiences

The Trials of Life

Given 31-May-97; 72 minutes

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God uses trials to test the contents of our hearts, but He never places a trial before us to entice us to do wrong. God uses trials we bring on ourselves to draw us closer to Him. God promises that trials brought on by the world (or the specific environment in which we live) He will deliver us from if we remain faithful. The most enigmatic trial is the one fashioned by God to produce a specific desired effect, as in the case of Job or the Apostle Paul. Trials prove or assay what we are, purging out spiritual impurities, teaching us patience, humility, compassion for others, perseverance, and endurance, giving us much needed experience. Because God wants us in His family, He will toughen us, giving us the experiences that will spiritually mature us, qualifying us to serve in His Kingdom.



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