Feast: The Clear Light Of A God-Given Life


Given 15-Oct-19; 35 minutes

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Mark Schindler draws a powerful life lesson from the biographical film Claire—The Documentary of Claire Wineland. Claire was an inspirational speaker who suffered from cystic fibrosis from birth, dying from a stroke in September 11, 2018 following a lung transplant. From her valiant example, we learn that: (1.) God the Father has given us life, He and His Son living their lives in us. God expects us to live now, in the moment, not waiting for a better day. (2.) Even though a time will come when our physical condition deteriorates, we should remember that God will never forsake us if we stay grafted into the Vine, Jesus Christ. (3.) We need to be ready to take the baton and courageously carry on the work when our time of service begins. Let us use whatever gifts God has given us in the moment, regardless of the cost.



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