Feast: Israel's Missing Characteristics of God


Given 21-Oct-19; 67 minutes

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Of the estimated 70 billion people who have lived on the earth, only one human being, Jesus Christ, has been faithful to the Creator. Everyone else from Adam and Eve down to today has had highs and lows due to human nature, which proves at enmity against God and His laws. Carnality is a part of our make-up, requiring a steel band to be drawn around it to give us a fighting chance. Moses had the same challenges as we have, requiring three distinct phases to grow spiritually, moving from arrogance to meekness, rivaled only by Jesus Christ. Because of the meekness and humility of Moses, God commissioned archangels to tend to his burial. We have the same carnal nature our ancient forbears labored under in the wilderness. We must love God by keeping His Commandments, realizing that love is an action rather than merely a feeling. What distinguishes godly love from human affection is faithfulness. Faithfulness is living continually by faith, completing a commanded act, even though doing so may cost us something of value to us. Love is not primarily a feeling, but faithfulness in applying His Word.



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