Sermon: The Bethel Stone


Given 31-Oct-20; 40 minutes

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Jacob's Pillar or Pillow Stone (Genesis 28:16-18) is the same stone upon which members of the British Royal family are crowned leaders of Israel. The Stone of Scone (Stone of Destiny) affirms the Davidic covenant that his offspring would occupy the throne of David perpetually. Jacob carried the Stone with him to Egypt; the children of Israel carried it back to the Land of Promise at the time of the Exodus. Jeremiah took it with him when he escorted Zedekiah's daughters to Egypt, then to Spain, Ireland, Scotland and Britain (reflecting the overturn, overturn, overturn prophecy of Ezekiel 21:27). The Bethel Stone has always been with Israel, and could be the stone Moses struck in anger, preventing him from entering the promised land. Joshua and Caleb were the only ones of the original twelve spies allowed to enter the promised land. Likewise, half of the virgins in Matthew 25:11-12 do not make it into the spiritual promised land. God's people must likewise realize their precarious vulnerability if they do not avail themselves of God's Holy Spirit through study, prayer, fasting, and meditation.



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