Sermon: Are You Living An Illusion?


Given 27-Feb-21; 66 minutes

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Today's culture seems to thrive on illusions, where slanted news accounts, fabricated by the agenda-driven media, deceives the masses. We must ensure that deception does not interfere with our spiritual growth. The carnal mind is the definition of insanity unless God's Holy Spirit displaces it. Narcissism is human nature on steroids, exemplified by Nebuchadnezzar before God humbled him, the wicked Haman as he plotted Mordecai's demise, and Herod before God struck him. The narcissist worships himself and is incapable of collaboration or of developing outward concerns. Religious narcissists, who identify with the servant who received ten talents, assemble bits and pieces of Scripture carefully selected to enhance their self-love and support their self-righteous views. They often surround themselves by people who misunderstand Matthew 7:4 and are therefore loath to judge the narcissist's blatantly lawless behavior. The mendacious mainstream media have duped the public at large with colossal lies about "social justice," communism and sexual perversion while mainstream Christianity has successfully mixed bits and pieces of truth with clever satanic lies (Ephesians 4:13-15). Today, San Francisco and Hollywood outstrip the reputations of Sodom and Gomorrah or Corinth, concerning the latter of which Paul sternly corrected the Corinthian church for tolerating incest not even practiced among the gentiles. Thankfully, upon repentance, God washed the Corinthian congregation, just as He today will cleanse God's saints of pride, false humility and hypocrisy, until they attain the genuine servant humility practiced by Jesus Christ on the night of His last Passover.



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