Sermonette: Sins in the Balance

Forgiving Like God

Given 01-Oct-11; 19 minutes

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David Grabbe, reflecting on the annual event of the Sin Offering when the priest, in type, anticipated the fulfillment of Jesus Christ as the perfect sacrifice on the Day of Atonement, affirms that forgiveness of others is something that is demanded of us. The sins we have committed, or that others have committed against us, have ultimately been committed against Almighty God. Our forgiveness of others is infinitely less than the debt we owe to Almighty God; our forgiveness of others cannot remove the death penalty. Forgiveness is not a reciprocal obligation, but is unconditional. God has overlooked more than we could ever overlook for others. Forgiveness of others is based on our trust that God has everything under control. The debts we owe are always larger than the debts owed to us.