Sermonette: Anarchy in the Church?

The Whole Counsel of God

Given 03-Aug-13; 18 minutes

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David Grabbe, reflecting on the influence of the works of John Nelson Darby on the Protestant churches and the culture as a whole, suggests that the doctrine of dispensationalism (a kind of picking and choosing which messages from God are relevant and important through time), the embracing of anarchy and the rejection of authority (or any form of hierarchy) have had deleterious effects on the world's churches, as well as on some of the splinter groups in the greater Church of God. Jude warns that when we take this anti-authority (rejecting all leaders) position, we become vulnerable to being tossed around by every wind of doctrine. Anarchy and anarchism are at odds with Scripture and seem to have more in common with the doctrines of Gnosticism.