Sermonette: Who is Your Superhero?


Given 04-May-19; 16 minutes

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A steady stream of Superhero films pours from Hollywood. Their popularity rests in the hero's insuperable resolve, unflagging efforts and titanic ability to bring justice to an unjust society. When difficult times afflicted America, Marvel Comics tapped into the peoples' desire for justice, providing them with imaginary heroes such as Captain America, Batman, the Green Hornet, Spiderman, Superman, all meting out justice in a dystopian setting in which justice is lacking and peoples' hearts have turned to evil (Ecclesiastes 8:11). All these superheroes are counterfeits to the real superhero of mankind—Jesus Christ. Like Christ, the Man of Steel has an innate sense of justice—and the strength to implement it. The world knows it needs a superhero, providing God's sense of justice, never condemning the innocent or excusing the guilty, but always manifesting mercy, kindness, and grace. Jesus Christ is everything we want in a superhero, healing the sick, raising the dead, caring for the needy, providing divine justice, and redeeming mankind from sins. Thanks be to God for the true superhero, the Savior of the world.