Sermonette: Fear and Faith or Between a Rock


Given 08-Jun-19; 21 minutes

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The underlying message of Exodus 14:14 is God's command to shun complaining as we trust in His promise to care for us. With the plethora of miracles occurring at the time of the Exodus, the ancient Israelites (lacking the benefits of God's Holy Spirit) were not able to muster the faith to wait patiently for God's deliverance. Awash as God's people today are in the pressures of this evil age, we desperately need the ability to see God working in our lives. We must not emulate the cowardly behavior of the spies sent to the Promised Land, whose murmuring sparked a series of historical curses on the 9th of Ab, including the destruction of the Temple, exile, and conjecturally, two major World Wars and the Holocaust. When the ancient Israelites teetered toward madness from dehydration, the Lord caused water to gush out of a rock at Mount Horeb. Like ancient Israel, today's Called Out Ones often complain due to frustration. We must remember that God will fight for us; we need to wait silently and patiently for His promised intervention.