Sermonette: Offended By Truth


Given 06-Jul-19; 20 minutes

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Revelation 19:11-15 describes Christ as a conquering Warrior, in total contrast to the world's image of the frail, effeminate, long-haired man or the helpless babe. Jesus Christ has become a stumbling block to the nations which reject Him, while at the same time becoming the Chief Corner Stone of a Spiritual Temple, today's true Israel of God. Christ has "fired" the faithless religious leaders of His day, symbolized by the wicked vinedressers of Matthew 21:40-44, replacing them with loyal members of His Church. God will not budge an inch on the issue of sin; Christ will pulverize anyone who opposes Him or breaks His Law. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God (Hebrews 10:31). As we guard the Truth, we can expect to offend people who love their own ideas more than they love the Truth of God. We all stumble as we face our trials and tests, but as we yield to Christ, we will attain profound peace (Psalm 119:165).