Sermonette: On Earning Wealth


Given 30-Sep-19; 17 minutes

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The three principles taught by Scripture towards acquiring prosperity (diligently working, wisely managing what one has earned, and meticulously saving) all militate against laziness or sloth. In various translations, Proverbs 18:9 compares one who has acquired the habit of laziness to a destroyer, a saboteur, a vandal, and one who commits spiritual suicide. Laziness is just as deliberate as malicious vandalism. The slacker does not destroy on the spot, but his behavior has the same effect as someone who actively demolishes. The first job God gave to mankind was to dress and keep a plot of land—not to let it go to seed. In John 5:17, Jesus assures us that both He and His Father work continuously, providing an example for His called-out ones.