Sermonette: Double Minded


Given 01-Feb-20; 15 minutes

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Deists tend to believe that God is an "absentee landlord." The near-agnostic doublemindedness underlying this belief should not surprise us when held by the unconverted, but should greatly alarm us when harbored by those whom God has called. The effect of halting between two opinions stalls a person's spiritual growth and creates a loss of peace and joy, causing him to drift toward despair as trials and temptations arise. The opposite of doublemindedness is steadfastness, never doubting God's faithfulness. Doublemindedness destroys trust and faith to the extent that it turns the work God is doing in a converted person's life on its head. We dare not emulate the vacillating hot-cold fluctuations (melding into lukewarm indifference) practiced by the Laodicean congregation. Jesus' brother James warns us not to waver when we ask God for wisdom, but to ask in steadfast faith. Jesus promises us in Matthew 17:20 and Matthew 21:22 that, if we have the faith of a mustard seed, refusing to be up-ended with doubt, we will receive what we ask for in our prayers.