Sermonette: Our Heavenly Citizenship


Given 08-Oct-20; 19 minutes

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The rampant disorder in America may encourage God's people to choose political sides, but doing so may place them in a position of opposing God's will, thereby jeopardizing their heavenly citizenship. God alone is sovereign in determining the world's leaders. From the time of ancient Israel's request to Samuel for a king, she, wanting to be like other nations, has substituted a man in place of God as King. The Feast of Tabernacles portrays God's people as rulers of earth and eternal members of God's family. God has delivered His people out of the dominion of darkness (i.e., Babylon, a self-serving and self-centered system of corrupt governmental, religious, educational, and economic systems, encouraging a hostile competitive spirit) and transferred them into the Kingdom of the Son of His love (Colossians 1:13). God calls His people to be citizens of His Kingdom and soldiers of Jesus Christ (II Timothy 2:3-4), warring against Satan's influences in their lives as they build ever-stronger relationships with the Father and Jesus Christ. This on-going war is against the pulls of this world's enticements and, even more challenging, against the pulls of human nature, the old man.