Sermonette: What is Truth?


Given 19-Dec-20; 17 minutes

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Today there is a "pandemic" disdain for truth in western culture. Pontius Pilate became so intimidated by a mob that he failed to defend the truth, vainly washing his hands of responsibility. Truth (defined as the acceptance of reality) is the polar opposite of falsehood. Two of the seven things God asserts He hates in Proverbs 6 relate to lies and lying. Adam and Eve's offspring received the death sentence because Eve believed the mendacious serpent, schmoozing her with the same kind of blarney con men—in any occupation—tell their hapless marks. It takes a lifetime to build trust, but only a second to destroy it with a lie. God opens the minds of His called-out ones with truth, as they receive the Holy Spirit (John 14:15-17). Truth is a fundamental base of a relationship between God and His people. As the spirit of lawlessness intensifies (II Thessalonians 1:18-19), secularists will attempt to push God out of western culture, making truth difficult to discern. As the days become increasingly evil, God's people must cling to the truth and love His holy law.