Sermonette: Parable of the Lost Sheep


Given 20-Nov-21; 18 minutes

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The Parable of the Lost Sheep which Christ gave to His disciples (Matthew 18:12-14) and to the Pharisees (Luke 15:4-7) shows God's concern for not only the Church but for all of mankind. Our Lord and Savior shows His compassion and concern for those of the flock who have become distracted and fallen into error, providing an example to all of us to show mercy to others who have made mistakes. While calloused individuals simply want to cut their losses, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, makes a thorough count of His flock daily. If one is missing, He will risk life and limb to rescue the stray from danger. Even when His people stray far away from Him, God actively searches for them, not wanting any to perish. While God is empathetic, He is not open-minded to sin, but will mercifully and gently convict the erring member of his transgressions. Isaiah 53 illustrates the deep concern the Good Shepherd has for those who have strayed, even to the point of sacrificing His life (John 10:11). God forbid that any of us cause a new member of the Body of Christ to stumble (Matthew 18:6). Because this parable was repeated it indicates the importance of being convicted to rescue a member who has strayed into danger.