Sermonette: Living Up to Our Responsibilities


Given 16-Oct-00; 30 minutes

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Mark Schindler, standing silent for over a minute, dramatizes failure of responsibility, admonishing us that we metaphorically leave huge holes if we let down on our individual responsibilities. Much of the pain and anguish of a trial to the body of Christ may well be caused by someone letting down in his or her responsibility within the body. Even though Herbert W. Armstrong is no longer among us, we still follow the pattern he set while he served as God's apostle. We cannot arrogate to ourselves responsibilities which were not assigned to us, but we must assiduously carry out what we have been assigned, largely consisting of overcoming the world and becoming holy. Achan's sin proves that the act of one person can bring disaster on the whole congregation. Through one person's letting down, the entire body suffers. We must examine and clean up ourselves daily for the safety of the entire congregation.