Does God Allow the Hunting and Killing of Animals?

Bible Questions & Answers

It is not against God's will to kill and use animals for food, nor is it wrong to kill predators. This does not mean that game should be killed recklessly.

Lessons From the Animals

Sermon by John W. Ritenbaugh

Mankind has been given dominion or responsibility for the care of animal life, preserving and embellishing their environment, as God would take care of them.

Was Jesus a Vegetarian?

'Ready Answer' by Mike Ford (1955-2021)

Some assert that Jesus Christ was too compassionate not to be a vegetarian. Does the Bible indicate that our Savior abstained from eating meat?

Was Jesus a Vegetarian?

Sermonette by Mike Ford (1955-2021)

Some claim Christ was a vegetarian on the basis that He was compassionate. Yet He at fish and the Passover lamb.

Acts (Part Sixteen)

Sermon/Bible Study by John W. Ritenbaugh

We must always conduct ourselves with the long-term spiritual interests of others in mind, being sensitive to the conscience and scruples of others.