Jesus of Nazareth is the God of the Old Testament, the Christ, God incarnate, the prophesied Messiah, the Savior of mankind. He exists eternally with the Father, and all things were created through Him and for Him. Before His human birth, He revealed Himself to the patriarchs as "the Eternal" (YHWH) and by a variety of other names. He divested Himself of the majesty of His office to become human by means of birth to the virgin Mary. Though tempted in all points like other men, He lived sinlessly throughout His life, giving Himself to be crucified as the perfect atonement for mankind's transgressions of God's laws. After three days and three nights in the grave, He was resurrected as a divine spirit Being and ascended to the Father's right hand in heaven, becoming our High Priest, Advocate and Mediator before the Father. As such, He is technically the Dispenser of the Holy Spirit. He is now Head of the church, and shall return soon as King of kings and Lord of lords to establish the Kingdom of God on earth, sharing His rule with His resurrected brothers and sisters.

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