Sermon: Hebrews (Part Nine): Chapter 1: Jesus' Exultation and Christianity's Claims


Given 05-Oct-19; 54 minutes

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Hebrews 1:3 and Psalm 2 together explain how Jesus Christ becomes something He previously was not. God proclaimed only One Being the "only begotten Son," namely, the One who was fully human and fully God, having the same composition and character as God the Father. Through His 33 ½ year tenure as a human being, by willingly becoming a sacrifice for mankind's sins, He qualified to be the High Priest of the New Covenant. Albert Barnes, marveling at Christ's unique qualifications in Hebrews 1, lists 12 points explaining Christianity's claims on all of mankind: (1) All life proceeds from God. (2) Jesus was divine and was mankind's Creator. (3) Jesus witnessed to the world of God, revealing the Father and reflecting His glory. (4) Jesus alone made atonement for all sin, guaranteed by the Father. (5) The Father has exalted Christ to be at His side in order to make mankind in Their image. (6) Christ is worthy of worship, even as the wise men worshipped Christ. (7) It is right to address Jesus as God, since He has the same image and purpose as the Father. (8) The Kingdom under Christ already exists for those converted. (9) Earth and life have never stopped changing, undergoing greater changes as we get closer to Christ's return. (10) Unlike the instability of the earth and mankind's mercurial nature, Christ does not change and is our source of safety. (11) In God's mind, mankind has so much worth that He has dispatched a retinue of angels to serve it. (12) God created mankind in His image, thereby revealing His purposes so that we might respond and glorify Him.



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