Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you keep the seventh-day Sabbath and the Holy Days?

Does CGG believe in tithing?

Does CGG believe in using 'sacred names?

Does CGG believe it is the 'one true church'?

Does CGG preach the gospel to the world?

How are CGG Sabbath services conducted?

How do CGG's beliefs and practices differ from what Herbert Armstrong taught and practiced?

On what day does the CGG keep Pentecost?

Was Herbert W. Armstrong an apostle? Was he the 'Elijah to come'?

What Does 'Non-Trinitarian' Mean?

What does CGG believe regarding cosmetics? dress lengths? hair lengths? men wearing earrings? tattoos?

What does CGG believe regarding divorce and remarriage?

What does CGG believe regarding observing birthdays?

What does CGG believe regarding the Hebrew calendar?

What effort is CGG making to unite with other churches of God?

What is mankind's ultimate destiny?

What kind of church government does CGG have?

What makes the CGG different from other churches of God?

What Will Happen After Christ's 1,000-Year Rule?

When do you keep Passover?

Where does CGG believe the Kingdom of God is today?

Where is lost Israel today?

Why did the Worldwide Church of God break up? What does this mean prophetically?

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