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Seeds and Seasons

Planting For a Future Harvest

Sermonette; #LGD05-14s; 18 minutes
Given 25-Oct-05

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David Grabbe notes that in this advanced technological age, we have lost source of the annual cyclical patterns established by Almighty God, a pattern whose sign is the annual crops, but whose symbolism is the harvesting of God's spiritual family. Most of the seeds that God has planted have been lying dormant, but the potential for growth, with the right water or precipitation, will germinate exponentially. When these seeds come in contact with God's Holy Spirit, the final crop of God's children will be harvested. We have the responsibility to faithfully plant seeds, publishing truth and preparing the ground. We need to have the closest relationship with the source of this truth—Almighty God. Our greatest witness is our example and not our words; our character ought to speak volumes.



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