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David Was Ready

Sermonette; #103s; 22 minutes
Given 27-Nov-93

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Richard Ritenbaugh, maintaining that we need to be preparing ourselves for whatever God has prepared us to do in His Kingdom, preparing for an office , but more importantly preparing in character. The Bride (the Church) will be ready, with or without us, but we have our own responsibility to prepare for the Kingdom of God. God educates us through whatever situation we find ourselves in; His workshop is our everyday lives. God helps us learn through how we deal with our everyday activities, experiences, frustrations, and troubles we encounter. The lessons we learn early in our lives we build upon to help us cope in our later lives. Insights we learn on the job provide spiritual parallels we can carry over to our future responsibility in God's Kingdom. God edits our lives as we make mistakes to perfect us. While King David was doing His job, God was editing and correcting him, making him ready for his ultimate responsibility. From his modest beginning as the runt of the litter, an antihero, the forgotten son tending the sheep protecting them from predators, he emerged as the hero of Israel terminating the odious Philistine Goliath. God had prepared him for this task while he was tending his father's sheep. David combined his experience as a shepherd with faith in God. David used the tools with which God had trained him practicing them every day. Likewise, we are admonished to use the tools God has given us—namely prayer, Bible study, meditation, and fasting. David was super-equipped with faith in the Living God, giving God all of the credit for the victory. God promises to keep working with us in our everyday lives until we attain salvation. If we do our part, God will give us the will and power to fulfill His purpose for us.



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