Sermon: God Is Preparing Us For the Kingdom

Preparing Us Through Trials and Tribulations

Given 01-Jun-13; 43 minutes

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Do you remember the days when the Church of God was one organization, and we all thought we were on the same page, having the complex pieces of prophecy all figured out, enjoying each other's company or fellowship, and generally having a wonderful time in the Church? Then, we seemed to take trials and tests more in stride that we do today, in the wake of the diaspora of the greater Church of God. Today, the scattered greater Church of God is experiencing more overwhelming trials than ever before, indicating that God seems to be preparing to wrap things up, preparing His people for the end time. When we become Spirit beings, all the trials we have gone through will not matter anymore. King David's life was one continuous trial even though he was a man after God's own heart. God's faithfulness to David led him through every one of his trials, including exile and threats of murder from King Saul, civil war, and the grave sin of adultery and murder. David was quick to repent and God forgave him, even though the consequences—including family and political upheaval—followed David through the rest of his life. David was faithful to God through all these trials. In the Millennium, King David receives a reward of leadership as the result of passing these trials. Similarly, we must stay loyal to God through our trials. God is preparing us, just as He prepared King David, for the Kingdom of God.

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