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sermonette: Is Your Eye Single

Given 18-Dec-93; Sermon #106s; 17 minutes

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Richard Ritenbaugh, pointing out that when we are doing something we like, such as perhaps viewing a pro football game, we don't like to be distracted or interrupted. We want all our concentration or attention to be devoted to the task at hand. Regarding our preparations for God's Kingdom, are we focused or are we double minded, attempting to serve two antagonistic masters. If our aim or goal is entirely devoted to the truth, then our entire body is whole, and everything about us will benefit. We must be wary about having divided interests- serving God and serving mammon. If our goal is wrong, our entire being will be off. Our first priority is to be loyal to God, casting aside all distractions and other interests. Even though we have two eyes, we can only focus on one thing at once. We cannot be harboring interests which work at cross-purposes with our main goal. Our hobbies and our jobs should be complementary to the goals of seeking God's Kingdom. We need to do our job as though we were working directly for God. Any interest that keeps us from growing should be avoided; we should lay aside every weight which encumbers us. If we seek first the Kingdom of God, all the other things we seek will be added to us.



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