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commentary: On Taking Bribes

The Bribe Principle at Work

Given 25-Dec-10; Sermon #1025c; 16 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, citing the work of Alexis de Tocqueville, suggests that democracy has an inherent weakness: once the electorate understands it can "get something" from the government, democracy will disintegrate into tyrannical minorities of self-centered coalitions with their hands in the public till, draining the democracy's vitality and strength. The United States today is going through a major deterioration because of dishonest political bargaining and shameless bribes and threats. Recently, Greg Stapleton threatened the European Union to accept Monsanto's genetically modified non-food or face 'unacceptable consequences.' Threats and bribes, rather than public consent, seem to be a major part of the political repertoire in US and international politics today. Bribes and threats, pork or earmarks, are clearly sins, and will have—or will bring—unintended disastrous consequences.



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