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Pagan Holidays

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Joy in Our Time

The Source of the Right Approach

Commentary; #1031c; 12 minutes
Given 05-Feb-11

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John Ritenbaugh, continuing on the theme set last week that "we are living in the best of times and the worst of times," and that "life is difficult," affirms that the attainment of joy is problematic at best. It is getting to the point that national repentance is no longer possible. Attainment of calm joy does not come from anything earthly, but it comes from God, and is dependent upon inculcating godly love. Godly love can only occur when we keep God's commandments, exercising godly faith. We can have unspeakable godly joy in the midst of abject sorrow if we exercise and use the measure of godly faith given to us, living in the present, but guided by the vision of our spiritual promised land.


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