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Pagan Holidays

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An Important Reality (Part 2)

Accepting A Challenge to Our Pride

Commentary; #1035c; 13 minutes
Given 05-Mar-11

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on the Wisconsin collective bargaining dispute pitting state government workers against the state government, explains that the reason this action has provided such a flashpoint and grist for the media mill stems from the obligation of state governments to balance the budget, something that the federal government is not required to do. Because the federal government is 14 trillion dollars in debt, some nations that trade with us are losing confidence in our fiscal integrity, leading eventually in a horrendous collapse of our economy, threatening to destroy our lives. Washington DC, having the largest share of government jobs, has the largest per capita income of any city in the United States, with government employees earning considerably higher salaries than for comparable work in the private sector. Not only are the salaries higher, but the health benefits are richer. No one in the federal government ever earns a poverty-level salary. Federal government employees have been conditioned to expect that the government "owes" them these entitlements. We, as future employees of God's government, must understand that we are not "owed" anything. The pride of Wisconsin state employees is blinding them from seeing the imminent demise of Wisconsin if the selfish unions refuse to sacrifice. Let us realize that if we are willing to sacrifice, the Lord will provide.


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