Pagan Holidays
Pagan Holidays

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Judgments: Past, Present, and Future

Sermonette; #FT12-03s; 18 minutes
Given 01-Oct-12

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Clyde Finklea, reminding us that the Son of God has been given all judgment, assures us that God's called out ones will be covered by grace, blotting out all sins. We have to have faith and trust in God that we have been moved from the book of death to the book of life. He who has been called, given ears to hear, having faith in God, has access to the book of life. In order to avoid being judged, we need to examine ourselves, measuring ourselves against the qualities in the love chapter. Judging ourselves will soften the judgment of God, when we indeed appear the judgment seat of Christ, a venue where our works will be examined. We should look at our own works and not those of others, but we should render charity to our brethren. We have passed through the judgment that was (the forgiveness of our sins), the judgment that is (our self examination) and judgment to come (Christ bringing our reward).



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