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Pre-Flood Underwater Discoveries

Commentary; #1303c; 13 minutes
Given 09-Jan-16

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Martin Collins, focusing on the clear evidence of fairly recent pre-flood underwater discoveries, maintains that unbiased archeological evidence, uncontaminated by farcical Darwinism, corroborates the Biblical account of a universal flood and of thriving civilizations existing up to the time of the deluge recorded in scripture. Dr. John Osgood of the Creation Ministries International has calculated the time of the Noachic flood to have been around 2304BC. In the 1980's a huge underground pyramid was discovered off the coast of Japan, estimated to be around 4000 years old, clearly a pre-flood structure. Other evidence of pre-flood civilizations were found in the Aegean Sea as well as the estimated 5000 year old city of Pavlovpetri in southern Greece, indicating technologically advanced pre-flood civilizations, totally at odds with Darwinian fairy tales of dull pre-humanoid Cavemen descended from Apes.


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