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commentary: Nothing Withheld!

Electric Cars

Given 06-May-17; Sermon #1377c; 13 minutes

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Martin Collins, informing us that even though the electric automobile entered the scene concurrently with the gasoline powered car, the limited capacity of batteries forced the producers of these vehicles into bankruptcy. Over the years, engineers have improved the prospects for the electric car, lengthening battery life as they implemented lead-acid, then nickel-cadmium and currently lithium ion technology. Ironically, many of the scientists who have improved the range and speed of these vehicles deny the very Creator of nickel, cadmium, lithium and all the other elements, thinking they came up with the scientific principles on their own. Genesis 11:6 indicates that the spirit in man enables mankind to discover incredible scientific principles created by God, sometimes going beyond the bounds of sanity, tampering with genetics, nuclear fission, using God's scientific principles for evil purposes. Mankind will never solve the major problems of civilization as long as it cleaves to the pulls of sin, resisting God's Holy Law and the prompts of His Holy Spirit.



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