Life after Death?
Life after Death?

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Ephraim and Manasseh: Half-Egyptians?

Does it Matter?

Sermonette; #1499s; 20 minutes
Given 27-Jul-19

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If Ephraim and Manasseh were half Egyptian, it would upset religious folk demanding ethnic purity. If we focus upon spiritual Israel rather than the racial component, this issue should not matter. While it is theoretically possible that Asenath's family could have been Semitic, it is just as possible it was not. Two Canaanite women (Rahab and Tamar) and one Moabitess (Ruth), all non-Semitic, are in Christ's genealogy. With God, racial identity and racial "purity" are not the top priority. If Joseph is the type of Christ, then Asaneth could be the type of the Bride of Christ - the Church, of mixed ethnicity, purified and taken out of the world.



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