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Jesus Christ

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Wilderness Wanderings (Part One)

Sermon; #1537-AM; 79 minutes
Given 09-Apr-20

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The trek of our forebears was not only a physical journey, but a mental wandering caused by rejecting God's leadership. God's called-out ones must come to understand how deeply sin has become entrenched in their hearts (Jeremiah 17:9), in figure, a monster threatening to devour them, as the apostle Paul reveals in Romans 7. Nevertheless, God has equipped His saints with a means by which they can overcome sin. God has created the potential for sin (an intense pull toward self-centeredness) in everyone, intending that it be a test to see how intent people are to resist it. Whoever yields to this pull is a slave of sin. Even God's people remain slaves of sin, powerless to rescue themselves without a Savior redeemer. Being a physical member of Abraham's family does not emancipate anyone from this slavery. Though God has given His people the Holy Spirit to navigate, their journey is no less harrowing. Their lives under God (lived by faith only, without benefit of cloud or fiery pillar) is full of twists and turns, designed to prepare them to rule with Christ as priests, learning to repair what godless human leaders have botched up for centuries. God is always with those He has called, leading them through their individual wilderness towards His kingdom.


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