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Whoever Loves and Practices a Lie

Sermon; #1543; 78 minutes
Given 09-May-20

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Today's real pandemic is the plethora of lies which issue from Satan's mouth and which envelop the face of the earth through the words and actions of his children. In Revelation 21:8, Christ lists three spiritual conditions and four behaviors—all of which He links to deceit and all of which will lead those who lie into the Lake of Fire. Those three spiritual conditions 1.) manifest as cowardice, which 2.) results in a lack of unbelief, which in turn 3.) ultimately motivates people to comport themselves abominably. Those abominable behaviors include 1.) murder, 2.) sexual immorality, 3.) sorcery and 4.) idolatry. Genesis 34:30 links the abominable (literally, stinking) person to those whose double-dealing and treachery damage God's reputation and endanger Israel. Revelation 18:23 provides the biblical definition of the noun sorcery by indicting the Great Babylon with using sorcery to deceive "all the nations." Sorcery is one of the tools modern-day Babylon uses to further Satan's work of destroying the nations. Examples of Babylon's poisoning peoples' minds through deceit include the fractional-reserve banking system, climate change theories, the theory of evolution and the big bang theory. Christ will put an end to Satan's deception and to the darkness it brings, dispelling his lies with the light of the gospel.


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