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God's Law

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Animal Rights

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Commentary; Aug 23, 2014
Your Mouth is About to Get You in Trouble

Martin Collins cautions us that secular progressives have been waxing bolder in their litigations against institutions and people holding onto Christian beliefs and practices, bringing about fearful consequences such as fines, imprisonment, and public humiliation. Army chaplains have been forced to perform gay marriages. Progressive liberals have been hell-bent to expunge any reminder of God out of public schools, dictating what people can say and think. Recently, militant leftist attorneys have elevated animal rights over human rights, attempting to give back to animals (pigs, cows, and chickens) the rights which human beings have taken from them. The Lewis and Clark Center for Animal Law Studies boasts that it is educating the next generation of animal law attorneys with the expectation that the far left judicial system will reward their efforts on behalf of pigs, chickens, and cows. As this civilization descends into insanity, we need to continue to speak the truth, but watch our mouths, realizing that the persecutors have heretofore operated by stealth, but now have the blessing and the brazen power of the current Administration behind them, obediently carrying out the anti-Christian and anti-human policies of the ruler of this world.

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Sermonette; Apr 17, 2010
Beasts Among Us

Ronny Graham, reflecting upon the prophetic warnings about wild beast ascendency at the end times, suggests that unwise environmentalist policies may have been a contributory cause of this impending curse. Alligators (with an estimated population of 1,500,000), bears, mountain lions, coyotes, and wolves, because of protectionist policies, have come back from the brink of extinction to the current state of threatening human beings, livestock, and domestic pets. The increase in predatory and non-predatory animals is a precursor to the pale horse curse of Revelation 6:8

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CGG Weekly; Jan 20, 2006
What 'The Bible and Its Influence' Will Teach

David C. Grabbe:  For decades now, the debate over the place of Christianity—and specifically the Bible—in public life has raged without any sign of abating. ...

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CGG Weekly; Mar 12, 2004
And, Today's Word Is . . . Speciesism

Charles Whitaker:  There is a new "ism" about—speciesism. ...

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Prophecy Watch; July 1999
Animal Idolatry

Have the animal rights groups gone too far? Mike Ford argues that their movement borders on—if not transgresses—the line between concern and idolatry.

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Sermon/Bible Study; Jan 10, 1989
Acts (Part 16)

Through Acts 1-15, God (primarily through the work of Peter, Paul and James) has removed His work out of the Judaistic mold, creating the Israel of God (the church) designed to spread to the Gentiles. Though certain ceremonial and civil aspects of the law were (for a time) suspended, the Law of God was never suspended, especially as it relates to defilement of conscience or disregarding of scruples that could cause permanent spiritual damage or unwittingly place one in communion with demons. We must always conduct ourselves with the long —term spiritual interests of others paramount on our minds, being sensitive to conscience and scruples of others as we exercise our 'rights.'

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